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Our Firm offers a wide variety of services.  To see more information regarding the different services, please see below.

We represent clients in the acquisition and sale of businesses, including both asset and equity sales. We provide turnkey legal solutions for clients who wish to buy or sale a company quickly and efficiently. Our in depth experience in representing lending institutions enables us to structure any financing that may be required for such acquisitions, whether private or institutional.

Commercial Real Estate
Our firm represents a variety of banks and other lending institutions nationwide in the documentation and closing of commercial real estate loans, including construction and permanent financing. In the past year we have represented our bank clients in the documentation and closing of commercial loan transactions totaling more than $150,000,000. We understand the delicacy of the relationships between a lender and its customers and believe our role is to provide the lender with practical, responsive and cost effective support in closing its loan transactions.


We also represent investors and developers in connection with major commercial real estate projects, including the construction, acquisition, and sale of apartments, high rise residential properties, office buildings, retail centers, and recreational facilities throughout the country. We offer practical, cost effective, and innovative advice on commercial projects of all sizes.

Construction Law
Our firm represents contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, owners, and lenders in all phases of commercial and residential construction. We have in depth experience with construction contracts, mechanics and materialmen’s liens, surety bonds, and related topics. We routinely represent our clients on major construction projects such as hospitals, multifamily residential developments, manufacturing facilities, and retail purpose retail developments.

Corporate Law
We assist our clients in selecting and structuring the best legal entity for their businesses, including simplifying the legal intricacies of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and trusts. Thereafter, we provide ongoing support to help our clients deal with problems of corporate governance, transfers of ownership interests, corporate borrowing, and other common challenges facing business owners.

Our firm offers foreclosure services in all counties in the State of Texas. Demand letters, acceleration letters, and posting documents are prepared in our home offices in Houston, Texas. Posting and sale documents are forwarded to our statewide network of substitute trustees to handle sales in any county. Bankruptcy documentation for lifting stays is also prepared and distributed from our home office to attorneys throughout the state.

Residential Real Estate
Our firm represents mortgage companies, mortgage brokers, and banks in the preparation, closing, shipping, and funding of residential mortgage loans. With a staff of experienced closers and paralegals standing by, we offer our clients the option of simply ordering the preparation of loan documents, or reducing their overhead by outsourcing their entire closing department to us. Our Residential Mortgage Department is recognized in the industry for the integrity of its products and its high level of personal service. For more information of these services, please visit our Residential Real Estate page.

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