Residential Real Estate

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Document Preperation Only

Doc Prep Only Option:    Under this option our firm (i) prepares the necessary legal documents for a residential transaction, and (ii) performs all necessary closing functions. 

Procedure:    Our services begin upon receipt of your request for documents at least 24 hours prior to closing.  (Doc Order Forms can be found on our "Doc Order Forms" page.  We then complete a thorough review of the title commitment, survey (if applicable), sales contract when applicable, underwriter’s approval, and lender’s lock confirmation.  Loan documents are prepared.  These documents are drawn in your lender's name.

Once the transaction has closed, the closing agent contacts our office for funding authorization. We give that authorization when we are satisfied that all closing conditions have been satisfied.  We instruct the closing agent to forward to us by overnight delivery, the originals of all loan documents executed in connection with the loan which are required by the investor (the “Shipping Documents”).  We organize the file in accordance with the investor’s instructions and submit the original package to the Investor for purchase.    The original Note will be delivered per the instructions of your warehouse bank.

We stand behind all work provided by our firm and carry a $2,000,000.00 Errors and Omissions insurance policy, a copy of which will be provided at your request.

We are very client oriented and the lines of communication are always open.  We take great pride in the services our firm provides.  Whatever your future document and closing needs may be, we are here to help.

We truly appreciate your interest in our firm and look forward to your business in the future.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information or details.

Please contact our office for pricing.


III. DOCUMENT PREPARATION ONLY SERVICE GUIDELINES. For those clients who request document preparation only, without additional closing/funding/shipping support services, the following procedures will be applicable:


A.     All orders should be forwarded to us on our Loan Document Request Form/Fee Sheet, which is available to you by selecting the "Order Document" page on this website.


B.     When your order is received, we will acknowledge same and advise you by e-mail or fax of any information which is missing.


C.     Work will be started on a file only when all information on the Loan Document Request Form/Fee Sheet has been provided and we have received copies of all of the following items:


  1. Title Commitment schedules A, B and C (must be dated not earlier than 90 days)
  2. Tax Certificates
  3. Insurance “dec” page reflecting premium and coverage for total loan amount (unless escrows have been waived)
  4. Survey (if required by investor)
  5. PMI Certificate if loan to value ratio exceeds 80%PMI Certificate if loan to value ratio exceeds 80%
  6. Information regarding any second liens, if applicable
  7. Name of any non-purchasing spouse or third party
  8. Power of Attorney (if any)
  9. Please do not fax to us the Sales Contract unless requested to do so.


D.     If all information and other items listed in paragraph 1.3 above are received by 12:00 Noon, loan documents will be ready for local delivery, Federal Express delivery, or e-mail delivery within 24 hours. Loan documents to be completed without a final approval/“clear to close”.


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